I’m at San Diego Comic Con! Booth #1335, the Dumbrella booth. I’ve got these SDCC exclusive giclee prints I made, if you’re at all interested.


Characters That Constantly Break My Heart | Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2)

"You see, Axel’s no longer acting in our best interest."
"Like I care."


"This island is a prison surrounded by water."


Day 18: Misunderstanding
"Stop acting like you cared, Lea. You never did! Every time we were together, you always found a way to forget me and leave me out of something. I wasn’t allowed to be a part of it." []

have you walked away from me?


ありがとうございました。「THE BEST」を聴いて頂いた方、ツアーに来て頂いた方、サポートして頂いた方。全てに感謝です!

The point is, I have people I can count on. I’ll make it through.

Silver Wolf
I'll take fragments from the chaos of this world... and using the fountain of wisdom inside me, will reconstruct them into truth. - Victorique de Blois